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Vegan chocolate that actually tastes good

Vegan chocolate that actually tastes good

Vegan chocolate that actually tastes good

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Vegan chocolate that’s free of GMOs, emulsifiers, soy lecithin, gluten, refined sugar, cane sugar and sugar alcohols sounds too good to be true, because it usually is. Oftentimes vegan chocolate looks good on paper but when it comes to flavor I found that many brands fall short, until I tried Hu chocolates. I couldn’t believe something that tasted so naughty was in fact organic, vegan, paleo and free of processed ingredients that are commonly found in commercial chocolates, such as:

GMOs: Hidden GMO exposure in many commercial chocolates typically exists in the form of soy lecithin and sugar beets (usually just listed as “sugar” on an ingredient label).

Emulsifiers: Emulsifiers (e.g. gums/lecithins/carrageenan) are commonly used by big food companies to enhance shelf life.

Sugar: Low quality refined sugars or cane sugars are the most common chocolate sweetener. Hu chocolates are sweetened with an unrefined organic coconut sugar that doesn’t lead to sluggishness or sugar crashes.

“We couldn’t find delicious vegan chocolate that fit our specs. So we made our own” is the simple philosophy behind Hu chocolates and you’ll be glad they did. Whether or not you’re a chocoholic, Hu chocolates is a guilt-free wholesome solution to all your sugar cravings. Pro tip: if you like Nutella, you’ll die for the hazelnut flavor. Enjoy 10% off your next Hu chocolates online order using the code LEILALOVESHU at checkout (valid until September 14th 2018).

Vegan chocolate that actually tastes good

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