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Souping: a new way to detox minus the hangriness

Souping: a new way to detox minus the hangriness

Souping: a new way to detox minus the hangriness

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The many indulgences of the holiday season make January an ideal time to reset, which is why in the past, I’ve started the new year with a juice cleanse. Recently though, I’ve found that the winter throws a few challenges as far as juice cleansing goes. Basically it’s cold AF outside which makes a diet consisting of cold pressed juices completely unappealing . In an effort to find a substitute, I stumbled upon souping. The appeal of souping is that it promises a more satisfying detox but still provides all of the benefits of a cleanse i.e., easy to digest, packed with micronutrients, high in fiber and calorically lower than a regular day of eating (hovering around the 1,000 – 1,200 mark for a day’s worth of soup). 

Upon researching different vendors that could ship nation wide, a company called Soupure stood out to me, mainly because of the delicious sounding flavors and compelling mission statement: “The Soupure cleanse program is a comprehensive way to help your body’s natural ability to heal itself by flooding it with active enzymes, micronutrients, phytonutrients and healthy fats. So much of our diet today consists of processed foods lacking an identified origin, and often contain chemical additives and preservatives. This accumulation of artificial ingredients has long been suspected to cause fatigue and joint pain, weight gain, gastrointestinal distress, allergies and other ill-effects impacting longevity. Soupure soups contain 100% fresh, organic, all natural, fiber-rich ingredients free of GMOs, pesticides and preservatives to fight these adverse effects”

Souping: a new way to detox minus the hangriness

Soupure’s souping cleanses range from 1-5 days and include five soups per day (see below for a sample menu):

Lemon Water Starter – Alkalize your system with room temp water and lemon juice

Bone Broth or Vegetable Consommé Digestive Starter – Soothe your digestive system with a warm bone broth or vegetable consommé (vegan option)

Strawberry Cashew – Curb your sweet tooth with a cross between a smoothie and a gazpacho, best enjoyed chilled mid-morning or as a post workout breakfast

Kale Minestrone – Satisfy your afternoon cravings with a hearty soup

Bone Broth or Vegetable Consommé Digestive starter- Soothe your digestive system with another warm bone broth or vegetable consommé (vegan option)

Spicy Asparagus – Enjoy a nutrient dense satiating warm soup that will help you cleanse naturally through the night

All day hydration – hydrate with two alkaline flavored waters (pineapple basil cucumber or youzu) included in the cleanse in addition to regular filtered water throughout the day

Souping: a new way to detox minus the hangriness

As a disclaimer, I am not a registered nutritionist, so if you have any questions or concerns please consult your doctor before trying a restrictive short term cleanse. The purpose of this article is to simply report back on a detox regimen that worked for me. That being said, after completing the five day cleanse I would highly recommend Soupure for anyone looking to deliver on their new year’s resolutions. Some of the souping benefits I experienced included: healthy weight loss & bloating reduction, clearer skin, improved sleep, mental clarity and significantly less hangriness as compared to my past juice cleansing experiences.


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