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Leila here, editor of Montaigne Mercer, a lifestyle blog home to my latest musings on fashion, beauty and health & wellness.

Let me give you the grand tour, starting in the Atelier for some OOTD inspiration…

Polished uptown classics, la dolce vita feminine silhouettes or eclectic street style? When starting a fashion blog you’re often encouraged to fit neatly within the boundaries of a single aesthetic. While there’s merit to sticking with and mastering a signature style, a la the Bianca Jagger’s of the world, I feel that doing so requires a certain kind of dedication which I simply don’t have. There’s something about a Brock Collection pencil skirt that can make you feel so ladylike but an all leather RtA number will bring out your inner RiRi and frankly life’s too short to pick a lane. Rather than adhere to a single mood board, I subscribe to looser guidelines: the foundation of any wardrobe is a timeless canon of essentials and trendy is the last bus stop before tacky town (I believe Lagerfeld once said something similar albeit more eloquently).

My reluctance to check a personal style box aside, I would have to say that Montaigne Mercer is inspired by my upbringing. Having grown up in Europe and now living in the US, I’m fascinated by the juncture of designs hailing from both sides of the Atlantic. Think the inconvenient sophisticated femininity characteristic of established European fashion houses that line Avenue Montaigne in Paris; meets the sartorially convenient, downtown sensibility of the cool-chic up and coming American labels you would find on Mercer Street in New York. This figurative intersection of two iconic streets not only inspired the name Montaigne Mercer but it informs all of the looks you’ll find in the Atelier.

Moving on to the Powder Room

I have always been obsessed with discovering the latest beauty products and cutting-edge treatments. I gravitate towards natural and pure formulas that support long term well-being while actually delivering results. In the Powder Room you’ll find everything from product reviews to makeup tutorials. Consider me your personal guinea pig, navigating the daunting world of serums, toners and pomades to report back on what truly works.

Finally concluding the tour in the Kitchenette, a single source destination devoted to uncovering the latest in health & wellness…

I often find myself on the hunt for juice bars, workout classes and wholesome recipes to stay healthy on the go. Whether you’re sick of hot water with lemon and looking for a new detoxifying elixir to start your day right or interested in a review of the latest group fitness craze, I got you. The Kitchenette is devoted to uncovering what’s new in health & wellness, so whether you’re a card-carrying member of the plant based movement or simply interested in feeling more fit, the Kitchenette will have something for you.